jLina is Released! Download the binaries from SourceForge (v1.1)

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1. Why jLina (the software)?

jLina is a service-oriented application that transfers messages between any communication system and databases in a fast manner.

Once the developer has defined the services that are to be used frequently, the same can be called from any programming language that supports sockets.

This will (hopefully) reduce development time, as well as lower human error.

jLina is a light-weight application, initially taking 931KB of RAM, and for each client only 12KB (by default). This still depends on what values will be given to MAXSIZE and MAXLINE.

There are concerns about performance due to Web services' use of XML as a message format and SOAP/HTTP in enveloping and transport. jLina does not suffer from this. Read the full article at or use this mirror.

2. Why jLina (the name)?

I have named this software after my daughter, Jacquelina, which along with my wife are my inspiration in my life.

3. Is jLina for Windows only?

The server is for Windows only, but the client can be any platform that supports sockets.

Currently it is too early to think of development for other operating systems.

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